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May 2021 Testing Bulletin(2021年5月份检测公告)

Veröffentlichte Zeit:2021-06-23 18:55

The core of environmental protection in the whole house is determined by the substrate of the panels.

ELECT (Germany) has been strictly monitoring each batch of substrates to ensure that they meet ELECT's demanding standards (far exceeding European standards) and to ensure that each customer is guaranteed a "healthy" life.

On 28 May 2021, the panels were tested by the authoritative testing institute in China: the National Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre (Guangdong).

The test result is 0.3mg/L, which is much lower than the European E0 standard.

Reference: European E0 standard ≤0.5mg/L

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参考:欧洲E0级标准 ≤0.5mg/L