Brand Profile
ELECT is a German brand, focusing on the global rich & elite home top luxury & high-end private customization, under the brand of GERMANY ELECT GROUP LIMITED (Germany ELECT Group). ELECT adhering to the Italian art & German precision quality manufacturing, for the global rich & elite home top luxury & high-end private customization, endowed with high-end taste of life, highlighting the status of noble identity. In 2020, Germany ELECT authorized Guangzhou Cabinet Furniture Co., Ltd. to operate in Asia Pacific, headquartered in Guangzhou, China. By May 2023, 120 new stores have been added in China.
4 global branches
ELECT brand established in Germany
Covering many first and second tier cities in China
Project Research Projects
Brand Philosophy
Focusing on high-end private customization of villas and mansions for the world's rich & elite, enjoying villa-style life
Brand Positioning
Top luxury & high-end private customization
Brand slogan
ELECTadheres to the Italian art & German precision manufacturing, giving high-end taste of life, highlighting your distinguished status
Brand Strategy
Based on design, art, trendy fashion and high-tech materials, expand to more market segments and fields to achieve all-round coverage and development of the brand
ELECT Main Services
Germany ELECT high-end customization specializing in high-end customization for the global rich, elite villas, luxury homes to provide high-end full-project design, to provide bedroom closet and cabinets, checkroom, wine cabinet / wine cellar, guest dining room, wooden doors, wall panels as the representative of the custom cabinet category and the integration of door and wall cabinet system, home theater, intelligent appliances, gaming room, gym and other custom home products category of high-end whole-house customization solution design and product solutions and experience premium-style services.
Brand image and prestige
We will participate in the cruise association organization certification cooperation, constantly explore a higher realm, and move forward with certainty in self-transcendence.
International Equestrian Events
Equestrian sports have a long history in Europe and are often considered the sport of the aristocracy, in line with the ELECT brand philosophy, which is built from these ideas, craftsmanship and creative skills.
International Golf Tournaments
The ELECT brand will enhance its image and prestige by sponsoring golf tournaments.